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Responsive blogger templates are very popular nowadays. Responsive templates are coded to automatically adjust to fit with the users screen. The number mobile tablet users are increasing day by day so its better to have a responsive designed sites. As Google Webmasters annonced now responsive templates help rank better in search results. so pick your free responsive template.
Magazine Blogger Templates are specially designed digital magazines blog owners. it is helps to promote your most important content to the readers. you can display a large amount of data in the home page itself. because it has alot of column for for each topics
Minimal Blogger Templates are simple, clean and high quality. minimalist templates are best for high quality blog
Elegant Blogger Templates are graceful and stylish in appearance. Elegant templates are best for stylish looking blogs. with high features and alots more.
SEO Optimized blogger templates has been coded to rank higher in search engines. SEO optimized templates are created keeping the best SEO practices.
Ads Optimized templates comes with pre builder Banner advertisement and specially Google ads spaces. The ads location is placed the main target here the visitors are more likly to view and click. So happy making money using your site

What is blogger?

Blogger is a free blogging platform powered by google. As you know google is a trusted brand so blogger is also can be trusted. But note that blogger also has any time blog termination term. so read terms and conditions properly before launching blog on blogger.

Is blogger fast?

Blogger is hosted on the same server where all other google products are hosted. Blogger works as a CDN. A free CDN from Blogger. You don't have to spend dollars for the shared hosting nor all your money for CDN etc.

Installing blogger template

We have written a complete article on how to install a bloger template.

Backup blogger template

We have written a complete article on how to backup a bloger template.